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MBC Bow Club

Join our loyalty club (previously known as Hailey's Bow Club) and get a chance to earn bow points with every purchase made online. Earn discounts and free shipping. Redeem by logging into your account and redeeming your points. More questions? Email me or send us a message on IG/FB

  1. Complimentary Enrollment

    • Sign up and automatically receive 20 bow points

  2. Earn Bow Points

    • Make a purchase

      Get 2 Bow Points for every CA$1 spent

    • Create an Account

      Get 20 Bow Points

  3. Bow Club Rewards

    • Free Expedited Shipping

      1,000 Bow Points = Free Shipping for all items

    • Save $5.00

      500 Bow Points = CA$5 off the lowest priced item in cart

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