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About My Bows

Yes, it is true. Many small businesses sell handmade products. So, what truly makes products like these unique?

It's not always the end result, but it's appreciating the time and effort that the maker took to make this item as perfect as possible. My Bow Chic bows are measured, cut, pinched and tied by hand. The clips are placed lower than your typical bow which gives it that perfect "stand-up" bow look

Whether your bow is finished with a clip or  nylon band it will always withstand the tugging and pulling this bow may endure


What Do All The Sizes Mean?


Big Bows

Oversized bows that are approximately 5" x 5"


Oversized pigtail bows, approximately 3" x 3.5"

Mini Bows

Slightly smaller than the

standard size pigtail bows, approximately

2.5" x 2.5" 

They may still look

oversized depending

on your little one

What's A Headwrap?


The "stand-up" big bow headwraps are made with one continuous strip of fabric

The bow is tied so that the middle of the bow sits comfortably on your little one's head. This method is used to avoid a bulky knot pressed to their head. The headwrap is a nice option for infants as the wider band means there is more surface area while they are wearing it.

Every headwrap is made to order and can be requested if you don't see your color available in our online shop


Flat side down - Knot side up

Please keep in mind, everyone is different, and while a headwrap is the best option to avoid markings in their head - you may still experience this. The markings will fade; however, please use your discretion and supervision when your babes are wearing their bows

Picture shows a small "stand-up" bow headwrap

More About My Bows

What makes my bows different?


These bows are made to make a statement...a memory!

My bows are made with a stretchy lightweight fabric called bullet knit fabric also referred to liverpool fabric

These fabrics are custom ordered in Canada or the US.

Some prints are even produced by using a custom-made graphic design

The clip - Three different sized clips to accommodate different hair types of all ages, and secured lower than other bows to allow your bow to stand up straight with one simple clip


The nylon band - Made from premium quality nylon making them velvety soft. Each measures 1/4" wide and can stretch to a circumference of 28" (fits newborns to adults!) 

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